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Advocacy group claims NYC charter schools serve more needy students

New York Daily News / By Ben Chapman
Originally published: 12.19.2016

City charter schools serve more economically needy students and enroll a more financially diverse group of children than traditional public schools, a report from a pro-charter lobbying group shows.

Time’s up for de Blasio’s failed plan to fix failed schools

New York Post / By Jeremiah Kittredge
Originally published: 12.6.2016

Mayor de Blasio’s own allies, principals union president Ernie Logan and Public Advocate Tish James, have now joined a chorus of critics slamming his large, expensive gamble with New York City’s Renewal Schools as a failure. And with good reason.

Charting a course to integration: Let charter schools help

New York Daily News / By Eva Moskowitz
Originally published: 12.7.2016

According to a 2014 study by the UCLA Civil Rights Project, New York City’s schools are the most segregated in the entire nation. To fix this problem, we need to set aside petty squabbles and work together.

City Hall must stop denying space to great new schools

New York Post / By Ruben Diaz Sr.
Originally published: 11.30.2016

When I moved to New York City from Bayamon, Puerto Rico, I knew the key to opportunity was going to be a good education.

To be sure, I cared deeply as a young man about health care, economic opportunity and poverty. But my ability to rise through the ranks as a Hispanic leader in New York City in order to tackle those issues was only possible because I was able to get an education that prepared me for the challenges ahead.

Education Op-Ed: Success Academy Mom Asks De Blasio To Do Right Thing

Kings County Politics / By Jeanette Squires-James
Originally published: 11.30.2016

It’s really a simple problem with an obvious solution: Success Academy needs three middle school buildings in Brooklyn so that it can have full, grade 5-8 middle schools. Yet, despite the Mayor knowing this, his proposal falls short by hundreds of seats for middle school students like my son.