Over the past decade, Success Academy has reimagined public education, building a bold new approach to K–12 schooling. Our teaching and learning model, now tested and scaled across nearly 50 campuses, has proved extraordinarily effective. With scholars admitted by random lottery from many of New York City’s poorest neighborhoods, our schools have achieved the highest standing in our state.

Now, through our Education Institute, we are providing open access to the broad architecture and singular components of the Success Academy model. We are sharing best practices, resources, and training with educators across the nation to help many more children gain access to great schools.

Welcome to the Ed Institute.

Our Approach to Teaching and Learning

Passion for learning is at the heart of everything we do.


At Success Academy, we valorize thinking and believe in learning by doing. Scholars learn best when they are engaged—grappling with challenging problems and discussing rich, complex texts. We pair this approach with high expectations and accountability, setting a rigorous bar for effort, thinking, and work and consistently investing scholars in doing their best.