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Historias y percepciones sobre la educación de excelencia.

As the manager of outreach on our Talent Team, I have the pleasure of leading our national college recruitment efforts. I meet hundreds of college seniors throughout the year, and often find students asking me how they can stand out when applying for a job at Success Academy. The answers are usually simple, but they can make a huge difference! Whether you’re interested in a teaching position or another career, follow these 10 tips to boost your chances of landing that job:


  1. Do your homework! While you’ll learn a lot about Success throughout the interview process, it is important that you are familiar with our history, dual mission, and instructional model. A great place to start is by taking our virtual tour.
  2. Tailor your cover letter to Success Academy. Your one-page cover letter should explain why you want to work for our organization and highlight the skills on your resume that make you a perfect fit for the position you are seeking.
  3. Proofread your application materials. As an academic institution, we care about grammar, spelling, and consistency. Ask a trusted friend (or three) to review your resume and cover letter to help you catch those typos you may have missed. If you have less than five years of work experience, keep your resume to one page.
  4. Rehearse before your interview. Anticipate what questions your interviewer will ask and prepare clear and concise responses to those questions. Also, look for gaps in your resume and ask a friend to grill you on those points during a rehearsal interview. You will be better prepared and more confident during the actual interview.
  5. Come prepared. Read all pre-interview communication and instructions clearly. Review the directions to your interview location (Google Maps can help you navigate via public transportation, walking, and by car!) to ensure that you arrive on time. Bring extra copies of your resume and print them the night before.
  6. Check your tech. If you’re participating in a video interview, make sure the video and audio are working properly before the interview. Also make sure that you are dressed professionally and that you are in a quiet room without distractions.
  7. Be honest and self-aware. We don’t expect you to be perfect; we are looking for reflective and hard-working individuals who love to learn. Candidates demonstrate maturity and self-awareness when they are forthright about their deficits and strengths. When addressing questions about specific challenges you faced, talk through the steps you took to resolve them and and what you learned from the experience.
  8. Ask questions. An interview isn’t just an opportunity for us to ask you questions — we want to hear what questions you have for us. Come to your interview with a few, thoughtful questions that show you’ve done your research and that you’re excited to learn more.
  9. Be yourself! We want to hire people — not robots — so let your personality shine! One of the joys of working at Success is interacting with a diverse staff of varied experiences and backgrounds. We want to get to know you throughout the interview process and it’s important that you be yourself. Just make sure to remain professional while being authentic.
  10. Take a deep breath and relax. We get it — interviews can be nerve-wracking. You may be asked a question for which you don’t have an immediate answer or you may have to role-play a difficult conversation that makes you uncomfortable. It’s okay! Just take a breath, relax, ask for clarification if necessary, and remember — we’re on your side.

Feel prepared to interview at Success? Whether you’re interested in teaching or in a position with the recruitment, marketing, or finance teams, we encourage you to apply for an opportunity that is right for you! You can see our current openings at


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    Futuros padres: Si su hijo ingresará a un grado entre Kinder y 4.º grado durante el año escolar 2018-19, regístrese a continuación para recibir más información acerca de Success Academies en su vecindario.

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    Futuros padres: Regístrese a continuación para que se le notifique cuando se encuentre disponible la solicitud para el año escolar 2017-18 y para recibir más información sobre las Success Academy Charter Schools.