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The Great Distance-Learning Experiment

The Philanthropy Round Table

Success Academy Charter Schools in New York City decided to shift to virtual education even before the government ordered children […]

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De Blasio Slammed with Thousands of Letters From Families Seeking Public Space for Charter Schools
NY Daily News / By Ben Chapman
Originally published: 9.22.2017

City Hall is getting deluged with thousands of letters from families seeking public space for high-performing charter schools. The school leaders, including Success Academy Founder Eva Moskowitz, had given de Blasio a Sept. 1 deadline for getting back to them on space requests for the school year starting in 2018.

Success Academy Needs and Deserves More Public School Space
NY Daily News / By Charles Sahm
Originally published: 9.8.2017

The de Blasio administration is sitting on some two dozen charter space requests for the 2018-19 school year, including six from Success Academy, where students not only closed the socioeconomic achievement gap but reversed it, scoring higher on the exams than students in wealthy suburbs. It’s time to do the right thing and make room for charters.

De Blasio Breaks Another Promise to Schoolchildren
New York Post / By Post Editorial Board
Originally published: 9.6.2017

Charter parents and advocates rallied Wednesday at City Hall to protest Team de Blasio’s failure to meet the Sept. 1 deadline to respond to requests for public space. These space requests aren’t frivolous. Charters are bursting at their seams. They now serve 114.000 students, with 48.000 more kids wait-listed.

Why Is Mayor De Blasio Blocking A Great Middle School In Queens?
Queens County Politics / By Dulia Phillip-Johnson
Originally published: 10.25.2017

My son Barack — and 841 other public charter school students — have nowhere to go for middle school next year. As I saw so often their district schools, those in charge (in this case, Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Carmen Farina) are hiding behind bureaucracy, using that excuse to avoid giving us answers: Will we have a middle school? Where will it be?

Parent Begs Unmoved De Blasio At Town Hall For More Charter School Space
Kings County Politics / By Ilona Bobritsky
Originally published: 10.20.2017

While district school families have known for months what their options are, Mayor de Blasio and the Department of Education have been continually stonewalling Success Academy’s requests for middle school space. Their actions have left Success Academy parents like me in a constant state of anxiety, not knowing if I would have to uproot my daughter’s life by sending her to a district school.

Hundreds Rally To Demand Educational Equality At Public Charter School Rally
Kings County Politics / By Kelly Mena
Originally published: 10.19.2017

Hundreds of charter school students, parents and educators rallied at Cadman Plaza yesterday to celebrate the impact of Brooklyn charter schools on local communities and demand education equality for every student.

Thousands of Parents Write Mayor De Blasio as NYC Stalls in Identifying Available Space for Charter Schools
The 74 / By Laura Fay
Originally published: 9.26.2017

Thousands of charter school parents across New York City are trying to get their mayor’s attention. As the New York Daily News reported late last week, an initial mountain of letters were delivered to City Hall last Thursday, all signed by parents petitioning Mayor Bill de Blasio to speed up the city’s approval process for charter schools still awaiting classroom space.

Mayor De Blasio Should Put Kids’ Education Before Politics
Kings County Politics / By Danny Alfred
Originally published: 9.25.2017

I wish that Mayor De Blasio understood that for a parent, especially a recently widowed one who is trying to find the most nurturing environment for my children, the charter vs. district debate is meaningless. I don’t care if a school is charter or district — I just want a school that works for my kids.

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    Futuros padres: Si su hijo ingresará a un grado entre Kinder y 4.º grado durante el año escolar 2018-19, regístrese a continuación para recibir más información acerca de Success Academies en su vecindario.

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    Futuros padres: Regístrese a continuación para que se le notifique cuando se encuentre disponible la solicitud para el año escolar 2017-18 y para recibir más información sobre las Success Academy Charter Schools.