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The Great Distance-Learning Experiment

The Philanthropy Round Table

Success Academy Charter Schools in New York City decided to shift to virtual education even before the government ordered children […]

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Project-Based Learning in the Classroom
New York Times / By Kate Taylor
Originally published: 6.23.2017

Ms. Switzer describes her approach as “project-based learning,” a phrase that is often invoked in progressive schools, which prioritize allowing students to follow their interests over direct instruction. Now, 14 years after retiring, Ms. Switzer is helping schools around the city, in a variety of neighborhoods, do what she did at P.S. 234.

In addition to traditional public schools, Ms. Switzer works with Success Academy, the charter school network whose mostly black and Hispanic students regularly best their peers at wealthier schools on the state standardized tests. Success Academy students do four- to six-week studies Ms. Switzer has helped design on topics like the Arctic, birds, the subway system, and the American Revolution. Adaptations of some of these units are available through the new online Success Academy Education Institute, where the network has posted its elementary school literacy curriculum.

Arch Rivals FC Debuts With Story of Success Academy Soccer
Empire of Soccer / By Jake Nutting
Originally published: 6.22.2017

Launching this week, Arch Rivals FC is committed to telling stories from every corner of the world of soccer.

The New York-based media and production company had its sights set on tackling one of the largest issues in American soccer before it zeroed in on the subject of its debut documentary, “Success.”

“Success came out of a larger project we were working on about soccer development in the U.S.,” Greg Purpura, the film’s director, said. “We interviewed a bunch of former players, journalists and coaches about the state of development. We wanted to dig into why there is a relative lack of diversity and players from lower socioeconomic status in the program.”

Purpura and Arch Rival FC’s research led them to Boris Bozic, program director of the soccer program at Success Academy, a network of 41 charter schools across New York City. Three-quarter’s of the school’s network is made up of low-income families and more than 90 percent of the students are children of color.

Success: A Documentary -
Success: A Documentary
Arch Rivals FC
Originally published: 6.22.2017

Has a New York City charter school network discovered a new template for soccer development in America? Arch Rivals FC looks at an innovative, school-based soccer program at Success Academy in New York.

Sahm: NYC Charters Are Leading the Way on School Integration
The 74 / By Charles Sahm
Originally published: 6.14.2017

By creating excellent schools that any parent would be pleased to send their child to and taking concrete steps to promote integration, the city’s intentionally diverse charters offer a model for traditional schools.

Success Academy Puts Lessons Online
Originally published: 6.15.2017

There is a formula at the 41 Success Academy charter schools that’s led to sky-high test scores and national recognition as an academic powerhouse.

All 14.000 students study the same curriculum, planned down to the lesson, and teachers receive detailed instruction in how to interact with students, down to how children should line up and sit down.

Success Academy Launches Institute
The Wall Street Journal / By Melanie Grayce West
Originally published: 6.14.2017

Success Academy Charter Schools on Wednesday released the first of several free, publicly available learning modules that are aimed to ease teacher workload and, in the process, spread the Success Academy model of teaching beyond the New York City region.

Creating Great Schools at Scale -
Creating Great Schools at Scale
Huffington Post / By Eva Moskowitz
Originally published: 6.14.2017

This week, Success Academy is launching the Success Academy Education Institute, a robust digital platform which shares with educators across the country key elements of our school design; elements that have made possible our unprecedented breakthrough in replicating outstanding schools.

Nothing Succeeds Like Success Academy -
Nothing Succeeds Like Success Academy
The Wall Street Journal / By Jason L. Riley
Originally published: 6.13.2017

On Monday Success Academy was awarded the Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools. A press release noted that the Success schools “demonstrated the best overall academic performance while closing achievement gaps and serving low-income students and students of color”.

Eva Moskowitz’s Urgent Lessons -
Eva Moskowitz’s Urgent Lessons
New York Daily News / By Robert Pondiscio
Originally published: 6.14.2017

Eva Moskowitz is on a nice little roll. On Friday, a state appeals court handed her network of Success Academy charter schools a victory — and $720.000 — in ruling that New York City overstepped its authority trying to impose its pre-K contract on the network.

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