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Why These Scholars Chose HSLA Instead of a Specialized High School

Success Academy – 27 de febrero de 2020

What’s life like as a high schooler at Success? Kayla Christiani-Ellis and Tasnim Moumouni are two current freshmen who recently had to choose between specialized high schools and SA HSLA. We asked them to share what ultimately drew them to Success, and whether the experience has so far lived up to their expectations.

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My First Time Away From Home, I Made Friends From Around the World

Success Academy – October 28, 2019

After her summer at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, Amanda Sanchez knows what it takes to adapt to a completely new setting. The experience, which she accessed through the SA Summer Experience program, left her feeling confident, with new interests, new friends, and a growing excitement for the independence of college life.

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My Clean Sweep Summer: I Built My Own Robot Vacuum

Success Academy – October 9, 2019

For scholars who participated in the SA Summer Experience program, memories of summer linger on, along with newfound confidence and new interests. Scholars accepted into the program have the chance to attend collegiate, artistic, and outdoor leadership opportunities both locally and across the country. Sophomore Alexa Torres is one such scholar; she spent her summer figuring out a faster way to get chores done.

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Rising Success Academy Debate Star Wins Season Opener — Coached by Fellow Teammate

Success Academy – September 10, 2019

Over the summer, Chase had doubled down on honing his talent, earning two full-ride merit scholarships to top debate camps in New York and Texas. He’d returned to school more than ready to prove himself — but he needed someone older and more experienced in Lincoln-Douglas to help him through the most competitive tournaments. As team captain and as a friend, Tajaih wanted to step in.

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Leading to the Beat: How A High School Freshman Became the “Afrobeat Queen”

Success Academy – July 1, 2019

Wuraola Adetola goes by many different names. Her parents call her “Wuraola.” Her friends call her “Wura.” At Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts, however, she’s been dubbed the “Afrobeat Queen,” for bringing her love of dancing and an urge to try something new to create the Afrobeats Club.

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Meet Julia Flete, an NYU Tisch Future Artist

Success Academy – June 18, 2019

Julia Flete just completed a 14-week dance workshop at NYU Tisch, one of the most competitive dance schools in the country. In addition to her weekly classes after school and her advanced conservatory dance elective during the day, Julia spent every Saturday in the spring practicing with current Tisch college students and some of the country’s most promising high school dancers.

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Success Academy Class of 2023: A Legacy of Perseverance

Success Academy – June 10, 2019

Thirteen years ago, the first-ever Success Academy kindergartners started out on an educational journey — with college as their destination. On June 6, these scholars walked across the stage of the New School’s John L. Tishman Auditorium to become Success Academy’s second class of graduates.

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Success Academy High School Dean (and Mom): They Might Not Admit It — They’re Teens, After All — But Our Kids Love School

Ronda Ramos – April 2, 2019

Last week, SA 8th graders who applied to a district high school received their placement offers. It reminded me of when my daughter was deciding where to go for high school. Ultimately, she chose to stay at SA, and she is now in 11th grade, with a great group of friends both new and old, a high GPA, close relationships with teachers and deans, and a passion for track in which she excels. Neither she nor I have ever regretted her decision to stay at SA.

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Behind the Scenes: HSLA’s Theatre Tech Crew

Success Academy – 28 de marzo de 2019

Before the curtains part to reveal the opening act of SA HSLA’s production of In the Heights, a huddle of scholars are quietly dimming the lights, troubleshooting the sound, and pulling aside lead actors, reminding them to project their lines. They are the tech crew, and they are the behind-the-scenes hands and hearts of SA HSLA’s plays and musicals.

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We Got into One of NYC’s Elite High Schools, But Chose to Stay at Success Academy: Here’s Why

Success Academy – 20 de marzo de 2019

Is a specialized high school the best option? Should I stay or go, is what many kids are asking themselves. In the case of Idalis Antonia Soto and Cana Iinuma, two SA scholars who were accepted to Brooklyn Tech last year, the answer was to stay. They’re now in the spring of their freshman year at Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts, and agreed to share how they came to their decisions and what they’re enjoying so far about this first year at SA HSLA.

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Success Academy High School Debaters Storm Atlanta

Success Academy – 20 de febrero de 2019

Three of SA HSLA’s most promising debaters flew to Emory University in Atlanta recently to compete in the Barkley Forum. Extremely selective, the Barkley Forum admits only two or three competitors from schools with strong speech and debate programs each year. This year, juniors Tajaih Robinson and Bintou Cisse, as well as sophomore Silma Bathily, made their way down South to test their prowess against the nation’s top debaters.

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What They Learned in (Three Months of) College: SA’s First Alums Advise Seniors!

Success Academy – 25 de enero de 2019

It seems like just yesterday that we waved the founding class of SA graduates off to college, but they’ve already completed their first semester of freshman year! Recently, several of our graduates returned to SA High School of the Liberal Arts for an inaugural reunion. Members of the Class of 2022 shared pizza, cookies, and […]

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Lessons Learned This Summer

Success Academy – September 21, 2018

When Success Academy 10th graders Ebrahim Jaiteh and Kiera Toussaint first arrived at the Loomis Chaffee boarding school campus, they were slightly shocked by the sound of silence — and the number of trees. The setting, so unlike the noisy bustling streets of where they grew up, would be the first of many differences that […]

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Success Academy Athletes Set School Records at Dunamis Super Meet in Atlanta

Ozzie Henderson – 16 de febrero de 2018

This past weekend, fifteen Success Academy scholars boarded a plane to Atlanta, Georgia, to participate in one of the most competitive track meets of the indoor track and field season: el Superencuentro Dunamis. We’re so pleased and proud of how our scholars performed, especially given their youth and relative inexperience!

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What I Saw in Success Academy Classrooms

Dr. Elisa New – December 19, 2017

In 2016, Dr. Elisa New learned about Success Academy Charter Schools. She had the opportunity to collaborate with Success through her organization, Poetry in America, which offers online courses on poetry for the general public and for English and Social Studies teachers. Lessons filmed in Success Academy classrooms now anchor key sections of her professional development courses.

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