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What’s So Great About Middle School, Anyway?

Success Academy – 24 de enero de 2019

We asked eighth graders from across our middle schools to tell us about what they loved in middle school. Not surprisingly, many recounted how much they loved their electives and team experiences. We’re excited to share with you the reflections of three eighth graders, from Success Academy Harlem North Central, SA Harlem West, and SA […]

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Middle School Families Go Back to School — With Scholars as Their Teachers

Success Academy – 14 de enero de 2019

It might be possible to find a museum or exhibit in New York City that allows you to investigate original scientific research, test out Rube Goldberg machines, or observe historical reenactments all on one visit. It might be possible — but you are more likely to find this kind of learning adventure at your nearest Success Academy middle school.

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What Does Determination Look Like? Reflections on a Cross Country Season at Success

Sean Young – December 11, 2018

Cross country is a popular middle school choice, with teams offered at every SA middle school across the network. Many SA scholars have been running since elementary school, and many of them are outstanding athletes across multiple sports. Midtown West Coach Sean Young writes about how neither the pressure of defending the boys’ title, nor the intimidation of being a newly-established girls team, got in the way of his team’s focus, determination, and complete commitment to a try-and-try mindset.

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Digging Deep and Thinking Big About Middle School Reading at the Robertson Center

John Snowdy – October 22, 2018

Last week, John Snowdy found himself back in the student’s desk alongside fellow educators from across the country. They were at Success Academy’s Robertson Center, a new center for educator training, to learn more about the network’s approach to teaching middle school reading.

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Climbing the Rocky Trail of Middle School: Insights from an 8th Grader

Rabiat Ahmed – October 12, 2018

Have you ever accomplished your greatest dream? Or achieved something so incredible you feel like you’ve conquered the world? If you have, it must feel fantastic knowing you worked through your challenges and ended up with a great ending. But getting to that great ending is like walking on a rocky hiking trail: it’s hard, […]

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We Salute Success Academy’s 8th Grade Graduates!

Success Academy – June 15, 2018

Yesterday, Success Academy 8th graders celebrated their graduation from middle school. Speakers from each of the seven graduating classes reflected on their middle school experiences and shared their hopes and ambitions for high school. Here are excerpts from their speeches. Nia Hardaway, SA Harlem Central Middle School June 14th has finally arrived! It seems like […]

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Seven Rounds of Strategy and Stamina: Success Academy Scholars Compete in National Junior High Chess Championships

Success Academy – April 16, 2018

Sixteen Success Academy scholars took on some of the nation’s toughest chess competition at the Junior High Championships in Atlanta, Georgia, earlier this month. They tested their skills and stayed focused over seven rounds. Sean O’Hanlon, SA senior manager of chess, noted that our scholars demonstrated high levels of effort and fortitude — even under […]

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Success Academy Scholars Earn 1st Place in Four Divisions at New York State Chess Championships

Success Academy – 13 de marzo de 2018

During this year’s New York State Chess Championships, spectators likely saw a sea of Success Academy blue and orange: about one in eight competitors at the event was an SA scholar, with 135 participants representing 14 Success Academy schools.

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In Victory and Defeat, Success Academy Debaters Learn Valuable Lessons at Harvard Debate Tournament

Corinne Adams – 27 de febrero de 2018

42 middle school scholars and 14 high schoolers from Success Academy competed in the 44th Annual Harvard National Forensics Tournament, where they faced hundreds of top-ranked debaters from around the country in policy debate. The tournament concluded with 36 wins for SA’s 19 middle school teams at the high school tournament. Our high schoolers performed exceptionally well — with SA High School of the Liberal Arts senior Sekou Cisse winning the Lincoln-Douglas division and his peers senior Aida Bathily and sophomore Tajaih Robinson making it to the quarterfinals and earning a trip to the Tournament of Champions in April!

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Success Academy Middle Schoolers Focus on Making Meaning in Photography Club

Joyce Keener – 6 de febrero de 2018

Photography is now a particularly accessible art form for anyone with a smartphone. Joyce Keener introduced her scholars at Success Academy Ditmas Park to a more formal approach to photography with a curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking — in true SA style. Take a look at scholar photography talent from across the SA network.

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After Early-Season Losses, Success Academy Debaters Finish First in New Jersey Tournament!

Delaney Hellman – 30 de enero de 2018

On Saturday, January 20, Success Academy Harlem North Central won first place in the Advanced Section at a tournament hosted by the Newark Debate Academy. Forty SA scholars from schools throughout the network traveled to Newark, New Jersey, to participate in the debate.

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Success Academy Youth Chorus Brings Peace, Harmony — and Hot Chocolate to the Stage

Sadie Pincus – December 22, 2017

Last week, the lights dimmed and a hush fell over a large crowd of parents gathered behind me in Success Academy Williamsburg’s auditorium. Fifty middle schoolers from the Success Academy Youth Chorus walked down the aisles and processed to the stage, singing “Seed to Sow,” a song about making an impact on the world, in perfect harmony.

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From Outrunning Lava to Building Catapults, Success Academy Scholars Engineer Their Futures

Success Academy – December 21, 2017

Durante el periodo de cuatro semanas entre el Día de Acción de Gracias y las vacaciones de invierno, las aulas de ciencias en todas las escuelas intermedias de Success Academy se transforman en laboratorios, los alumnos de escuela intermedia en científicos y los maestros en directores de investigación. El Exploratorio de Ciencias, una exhibición de proyectos autoimpulsados y con base en investigación, empodera a los alumnos a convertir las ciencias y la ingeniería en acción.

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Success Academy Chess Stars Earn Top Ten Finishes at US Grade Championships

Success Academy – December 18, 2017

Last week, 35 scholars from across the Success Academy network traveled to Orlando, Florida for some sunshine — and chess! Competing in the prestigious National K-12 Grade Championships, Success Academy improved from last year’s already stellar performance at both the individual and the team levels.

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